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An Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, International Speaker with an unshakable dedication to helping YOU become the person you most want to be. I am the owner of a fast-growing international multi-million business and I am passionate in helping YOU to build an amazing lifestyle business, escape the rat race, make a difference and create a life you truly love! When I'm not working on my business, you will often see me traveling the World and creating amazing memories with my loved ones.

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The 8 Secrets of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

The 8 Secrets of Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Apr 26, 2016 | No Comments

For me, starting and building my business has been a truly amazing journey and life-changing adventure. From not knowing a thing about entrepreneurship, struggling and failing miserably, to now expanded my business internationally to become a multi-million empire, and to traveling the World teaching other entrepreneurs on how to build their businesses, I often get asked […]

Top 40 Inspirational Quotes for Women Entrepreneurs

Top 40 Inspirational Quotes for Women Entrepreneurs

Apr 25, 2016 | No Comments

I have a confession to make – I love being an Entrepreneur! It is an incredible experience and, for me, life-changing indeed! But it isn’t always easy.  An adventure?  Definitely.  All sunshine and rainbows?  Not so much. So where do you turn when you are feeling the weight of the entrepreneurial world on your shoulders?  […]

Why should You become an Entrepreneur?

Why should You become an Entrepreneur?

Apr 25, 2016 | No Comments

‘Should I become an Entrepreneur?’ In year 2010, I was pondering upon this same question.  I was at a cross-road of my life, deciding whether I want to continue climbing the Corporate ladder or should I start my own business and become an entrepreneur for the first time in my life. Before that time, I […]


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    It is such a blessing to work with Millie and have her as my Mentor and Friend. From the first day I met her she has showed me her strong leadership and, most importantly, how much she cares to help everyone to succeed. A successful leader is someone who creates more leaders, Millie is absolutely the one who is always there to lift you up and guide you towards success with her heart of gold. She demonstrates what is possible and gets you to believe in yourself. She is such an inspiration – under her guidance, I have gone further than I thought I could. My business is now soaring in the right direction, earning me residual income, I can vacation anytime and live life the way I want! Hats off to this exceptional lady, a true leader and an amazing friend. Thank you, Millie!

    - Con Nie, Founder and CEO, Women Entrepreneursophy (Hong Kong)

  • Apple Tee

    Millie is one of the most sincere, charismatic and smart lady I have the good fortune to meet.  Working with her on my business is nothing short of amazing! I used to be an accountant and my husband was a medical doctor, we were both time broke and realised that we needed a change. Under Millie’s guidance, my husband and I are now able to retire from our jobs and become Full-Time Vacationers.  Millie, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

    - Apple Tee, Successful Entrepreneur (Malaysia)

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    Before I met Millie, my business was stagnant and not progressing the way I wanted. After attending just one seminar taught by Millie, I was totally inspired and knew exactly how to breakthrough and move forward. Millie is always positive and she truly cares to help everyone to succeed. Even just a causal conversation with her, I can learn so much. Today, my business is expanding internationally and I am earning residual income while traveling the World.

    - Leman Kwok, Entrepreneur & Full-Time Vacationer (Hong Kong)

  • Karen Wong

    I am so blessed to have Millie as one of my mentors. Thanks to Millie’s guidance, I have successfully built my business while being a full-time Mom to my children. Millie showed me how to inspire and help more people to achieve time and financial freedom – She is definitely someone to learn from! Today, I am earning residual income every month and both my husband and I have retired from our corporate jobs.

    - Karen Wong, Entrepreneur & Full-Time Mom (Singapore)

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    I am glad that I met Millie. She is nice, humble, positive, caring, wise and she is an amazing leader. She is the one who inspired me to think of passive incomes and to achieve success through supporting others to succeed. Working with her has been a great pleasure – Stay humble. Stay hungry. Through Millie’s guidance, I am now achieving residual income monthly and have much more fun in my life too! Thank you, Millie

    - Alice Pang, Entrepreneur & CEO of Lab CC Limited (Hong Kong)

  • Joshua Sim

    Thank you Millie Leung for inspiring us with her amazing book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’. There are so many words of wisdom and practical advice for just anyone who wish to better themselves to reach their goals – be it in their personal lives or to be at a better place financially. This book is concise, succinct and a gem in a society where we are overloaded with superfluous info. A book that’s absolutely worth our time. I can’t wait to recommend this to more friends.

    - Joshua Sim, Award-Winning Music Educator (Singapore)

  • Eugene Tan

    A dynamic, people-centric, sincere and inspiring mentor is exactly who Millie is to me. She is the perfect embodiment of brains and beauty. She has positively impacted my business and my life, as well as the lives of hundreds and thousands of others. Through her mentorship, my business has expanded in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia and I am earning residual income monthly.

    - Eugene Tan, Global Entrepreneur (Singapore)

  • Eric Allen

    Millie is one of the truly great servant leaders. She cares about the success and transformation of others. Her vision and drive has helped tens of thousands of people to create more fun, freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

    - Eric Allen, Global Entrepreneur and International Speaker (USA)

  • Dr Wu

    Millie has the unique ability to inspire, lead and guide people to take actions, and this enables her and her team to produce amazing results that are envy of many.  If you are looking for someone to learn from, working with Millie could be the best decision you’d ever made!

    - Dr. Wu Yi Che, 7 Figure Global Entrepreneur and International Speaker (Singapore)

  • Malia and Sarman

    With a BIG WHY and a burning desire, Millie is a successful global entrepreneur with the BIGGEST heart to give back.

    - Akmalia and Mohamad Sarman, Entrepreneurs and Founders of NWAC (Singapore)

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