MIS ‘Best Personal Brand Award 2017’… and My Lessons

Last week, I had the privilege to attend Marketing Institute of Singapore’s Glittering Gala Awards’ Night and had the huge honor to accept their prestigious ’Best Personal Brand Award 2017’ under the category of Women Empowerment.

This is my first award in the ’Personal Branding’ space so I know it will always have a very very special place in my heart.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your love and support throughout the years.  A very special thank you to Andrew Chow, Brand and Media Strategist, for believing in me and for nominating me for the award.  And a special thank you to Marketing Institute of Singapore for honoring me.

Millie Leung Best Personal Brand Award

MIS Glittering Awards’ Night: What is the ’Best Personal Brand Award’?

According to Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), the ’Best Personal Brand Award’ recognizes the achievements of individuals, in terms of their personal assets, strengths, skills, and positioning which have made a positive difference in their professional life.

Winners have distinguished themselves from their fellow counterparts by curating their own personal image and identity. They have a track record of activities such as tribe-building, done extensive community services, published a book solely under their name, enjoyed local and regional presence, social media following, media coverage, and charity.

The gala was a huge success and it was an amazing night of catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and celebrating success together.

I am really very honored to be selected as one of the award winners of the year.

A few things I learned through this journey…

Receiving this award is a huge honor.  As I reflect upon this amazing achievement, I realised a few important things in life and in business…

1) Your Network Is Your Net Worth

I was nominated for this ’Best Personal Brand Award’ by Andrew Chow, a well-known Brand and Media Strategist in Singapore and the World.  I met Andrew in Year 2012 at a networking event.  At the time, I have just re-located to Singapore from the USA, and have just started my business in Singapore a few months back.

With no prior business experience and absolutely no network in Singapore, I was a struggling first-time entrepreneur back then (you can read my story HERE).  BUT, I have a strong vision and was determined to overcome any obstacles that came my way.  I decided to learn and to take massive actions.

I started networking.  Every week I would devote time to attend different networking events in Singapore and make connections with people.  Certainly, as you can imagine, being an employee all of my life prior to that, networking and meeting strangers in a new environment and a new country was out of my comfort zone.

I did that for many months… and slowly but surely, I became more comfortable and even started to enjoy the process of meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Throughout the last 5+ years, Andrew and I kept in touch on Facebook.  So I was pleasantly surprised when he got in touch with me a few months back and told me about this prestigious ’Best Personal Brand Award’.  And because he has witnessed my personal and professional growth through social media the last 5+ years, he was happy to nominate me for the award.  I submitted my applications and through the review of a panel of independent judges, I became one of the award winners!

Andrew and Millie

So my lesson is – Your network is really your net worthWho you know and who knows you matters.  Open your heart, connect with people and stay in touch.  Don’t burn any bridges.  Dots only connect when you look backwards.  So embrace every experience, every journey and every person you meet along the way.  Be kind, be genuine and add value to people’s lives.  You will never know how one person or one experience can lead to and even open up new doors for you down the road in your life.

2) Social Media is Powerful

I became aware of the amazing power of social media since I started my business in Year 2011.

As my awareness of social media grew, I realized something – Social Media can either help you or hurt you.

Yes, Social Media can either help you or hurt you! 

Just think about it, in today’s world, if you go look for a job, chances are that your interviewers, HR agents, or your future employers will google you.  If you are looking for a date, chances are that your potential date will google you or look you up on social media (I know this is true, because I looked up my husband on social media site before I started dating him!).

Unless you are completely offline (and none of your friends tag you on their posts), you may still bound to be impacted by social media one way or the other.

Remember, Social Media can help you or hurt you.  So, my advice is – Instead of running away from Social Media, learn it and embrace it!  You will continue to see the power of Social Media increase over the next decades to come.

3) You have a Brand

You have a Brand – whether you know it or not.

Ask anyone who knows you or anyone who has been following you on Social Media for a while, they would be able to tell you what they think about you – that’s your brand.  Now, whether or not what they say is how YOU want to be perceived is a whole different story.

But everyone has a perceived image of you – whether is through your interactions with them face-to-face, your social media posts, your blogs, how you speak, how you dress, and how you carry yourself day to day.

In today’s world, where social media is undeniably a powerful source of communication and marketing, it is even more important to carefully establish and protect your image (your brand) on a personal and professional level.

Over the years, I have devoted much time to learn about social media, personal branding and online marketing.

Although my brand continues to evolve as I grow, I am happy to say that I have always stayed authentic, genuine and true to my heart.  I have been blessed to carve out a space in my field, add values to people’s lives, share my lessons (& mistakes!) and contribute to the causes that I care so deeply about – all because I am brave enough to find my own voice and express my values and visions to the World and build a brand that truly represents my heart.

I encourage you to do the same – The World needs your voice and that special gift that only you have.

4) 3-5 Years Can Completely Transform Your Life

It is still hard to believe how just a few years have completely transformed my life (you can read my story HERE, see what others say about me, and my Awards and Media Coverage).

I am just an ordinary person in every way – no prior background, no network, no rich and powerful family ties, no advantages over anyone else, but just a burning desire to learn and to take actions, execute my visions and a perseverance to move forward.  My life has transformed. (You can see this article on ‘Painless Asia‘ written by well-known Branding and PR Strategist, Soh Wan Wei, who witnessed my changes these 5 years.)

Although no one knows what the future holds – as all we have is really NOW, this moment, today – I know I have been completely blessed.

I am thankful for my journey and proud of the person I have become.

Last but not least, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your love and support over the years.  Your encouragements, your support, your trust, your friendships, your presence and also all your ’likes’ and ’comments’ on my Facebook throughout the years… I am forever grateful.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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