My Bucket List – 101+ Things I Want to Do in My Life

Millie Leung Bucket List’Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ – Helen Keller

If you haven’t heard of the term ’Bucket List’, it is a list of all the goals and dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to have before you die.  I also call this my ’Dream List’.

Having our own ’Bucket List’ is like planning ahead the highlights we want in our lives.  The whole point of creating this list is to maximum every moment of our existence and live our live to the fullest.  It is a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in our time here, so that instead of pandering our time in pointless activities, we are directing our time and effort to things that matter to us the most.

Creating and seeing our own ’Bucket List’ also creates excitement, knowing that there are so many things and experiences waiting for us to explore and achieve in life!  It helps us to stay focus and experience more Fun, Freedom and Fulfilment in life!

So, if you are curious, here is my list below – with all the things I want to see, do, feel, experience, and achieve while I exist.  I will continuously update this list as I complete current items and come across new ones.

I hope my list will inspire you to create your own too and make your life an Adventure!

Peak Life Experiences

1)    Ride in a Helicopter (Ride in a Helicopter in Maui, Hawaii in June 2015 – Simply Breathtaking!)

Helicopter Ride

2)    Ride on a Hot Air Balloon
3)    See the Northern Lights
4)    Ride on an Elephant (Rode on an elephant in Bali Indonesia in May 2012 for the 1st time)

Elephant Ride Collage
5)    Ride on a Horse (Horseback riding in the beautiful Fiji, August 2016)

Horseback riding
6)    Experience Sea Walking (Achieved in Feb 2016 in Phuket, Thailand. Super cool!)

Seawalking collage
7)    Shop on a Boat in a Water Market (Visited Water Market in Bangkok, Thailand in year 2014)

Water Market Collage
8)    Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a UNESCO Heritage Site (Checked in April 2014)

Angkor Wat Cambodia

9)  Pet Kangaroos and Koala Bears in Australia (Achieved in September 2014 in Perth)

Kangaroos Collage
10) Take a Cruise (8-day 7-night Alaskan Cruise in June 2015)

Alaska Cruise Collage
11) Whale Watching (Saw so many whales in the ocean in Alaska, June 2015 – Peak life experience!)

Whales Watching Collage

12) Experience a Sunrise from a Mountain Top (Watched Sunrise from Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii in June 2015)
13) See the Statue of Liberty in New York, USA (Experienced in year 2009)
14) Visit Africa (Visited South Africa in February 2017)
15) Visit the African Safari
16) Ride on a Camel (Rode on a Camel in Dubai, December 2016, so much fun!)

Camel Ride Collage
17) Do a Desert Safari (checked off in December 2016 in Dubai! Loved it!)

Desert Safari Collage
18) Visit Dubai (Yes!! Visited Dubai in December 2016 and stayed at the beautiful Atlantis The Palm Hotel!)
19) Visit the Pyramids at Egypt
20) Visit the Mayan Pyramids in Mexico (Experienced in year 2010)

Mexico Pyramid
21) Soak in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
22) Walk on the Salt Flats of Bolivia
23) Dress up and go to a Costume Party (Hong Kong Halloween Party in October 2015)

Halloween Party
24) Parasailing (Parasail in Penang Malaysia in September 2013)

Parasailing Collage
25) Visit Halong Bay in Hanoi Vietnam, a UNESCO World Heritage (Visited in October 2014)

Halong Bay Vietnam
26) Go Skiing in Japan (Ski in Mount Naeba in December 2015)
27) Swim with Dolphins (Moorea, Tahiti, French Polynesia on my birthday in August 2017!)

Swim with Dolphin
28) Swim with Sea Turtles (Yes, I did! June 2015 in Maui Hawaii.  So amazing!)
29) Swim with Sharks
30) Swim with Stingrays
31) Visit a Volcano (Watched sunrise from Volcano Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii June 2015)

watching sunrise
32) Soak in a Hot Spring with my Family (Hot spring with my girls in Yilan, Taiwan November 2015)
33) Zipline through the Mountains (Zipline through South African Mountains, 2.5 hours and 11 platforms in February 2017)

Zipline South Africa
34) Visit the Great Barrier Reefs
35) Visit Santorini, Greece
36) Swim in an Infinity Pool (World-famous Singapore Marina Bay Sands Rooftop Infinity Pool in March 2016)

MBS pool
37) Visit Maldives
38) Visit Fiji Islands (Spent a week in Fiji, August 2016. Simply stunning!)


39) Visit Bora Bora  (Checked! August 2017! Definitely the most beautiful place on earth!)
40) Stay at a Water Villa (Water Villa in Malaysia, March 2014)
41) Walk on the Great Wall of China, Beijing (Walked on the Great Wall of China, including a special restricted VIP area too, in June 2016!)

Great Wall of China
42) Ride on ATV (Super fun! Experienced it in Cambodia in April 2014)

43) Go Carting (Did it with a bunch of great friends in Phuket, Thailand February 2016)
44) Play 18-Hole Golf (Experienced in Hue, Vietnam in April 2015)

18 hole Golfing in Vietnam
45) Visit the Presidential Suite of the World Famous Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan (Experienced in January 2016)

Grand Hotel Collage
46) Experience Snorkeling (Experienced in Maui Hawaii in June 2015)

47) Fishing on a Boat (Experienced with my parents in Canada when I was a kid)
48) Go Camping (Experienced in Spring of Year 2008 in Seattle USA)
49) Watch a Live NBA Basket Ball Game (Watched one of the final NBC games in USA in Year 2007)
50) Drink at an Ice Bar (Experienced in Orlando, USA in January 2016)

Ice Bar
51) See the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa
52) See the Niagara Falls in Toronto, Canada (Breathtaking indeed! Experienced in Year 2004)
53) Swim in Jellyfish Lake in Palau
54) Visit Machu Pichu
55) See a Glacier (Experienced in June 2015 in Alaska)
56) Ride on a Dog Sled
57) See the Grand Canyon
58) See the glowing starry sea
59) Visit the Pink Lagoon in Western Australia

Pink Lagoon in Western Australia

Business & Financial

60) Pursue my Passion (Yes – fulfilled! Traveling the World, building my business and making a difference in other people’s lives are my passions)
61) Start my Business and do something I love (Yes!  Started my home business in August 2011 and expanded it internationally to a multi-million revenue business now!)
62) Become Financially Free (Yes! Achieved in November 2013 through my home business!)
63) Be invited to Speak Overseas (Yes! Started speaking overseas since May 2015.  Spoken on international stages in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and USA so far)

Millie Leung speaking
64) Start my own TV show on youtube
65) Speak to over 1,000 people
66) Speak to over 5,000 people (Spoke to 5,000+ entrepreneurs in Hong Kong in January 2015) 
67) Speak to over 10,000 people (Spoke to 10,000+ entrepreneurs in Singapore in March 2016)

Speaking Momentum
68) Speak to over 20,000 people (Spoke to over 23,000+ entrepreneurs at AT&T Stadium, Texas, USA in April 2017)

Untitled Speaking collage
69) Publish a Physical Book (Yes! Published in July 2016! Super Excited! See details about my book HERE)

Mind and Money Makeover Book by Millie Leung
70) Hit an International Best Sellers list with my Published Book (Yes! My book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ hit the Best Seller List in 3 categories in end July 2016, see my Media Coverage HERE)

Amazon # 2 Highlighted
71) Own Rental Properties (Yes! Owning multiple rental properties since Year 2008)
72) Get Featured in the Media for something I am proud of (Yes! Featured in US, Hong Kong and Singapore Media since Year 2015, see my Media Coverage HERE)
73) Get Featured in Major US Media for something I am proud of
74) Be on the Cover of a Magazine (Yes! On the cover of a 500,000+ circulation magazine in Summer 2016, see my Media Coverage HERE)

Magazine Cover

75) Become a Recognized Leader in my Field (Yes! Proud and excited!)
76) Start a Blog (Yes! You are looking at it now!)
77) Become a TED speaker

Pay It Forward

78) Donate and Build 100 Schools for Children in Developing Countries by Year 2025 (Yes, on-going! Donated schools in Guatemala through the Worldventures Foundation)

WorldVentures Foundation
79) Sponsor 1,000 Underprivileged Children in Developing Countries by Year 2025 (Yes, on-going! Sponsoring children through World Vision)
80) Inspire and Make a Difference to Someone’s Life (Yes! Have been helping and mentoring entrepreneurs since Year 2012)
81) Be a Mentor to someone (Yes! absolutely! Been doing that since 2012!)
82) Go on a Voluntour (Went to Mae Sot, Thailand to help build a youth centre for an orphanage in May 2014)

Voluntour in Thailand
83) Establish a Charity Foundation 


84) Raise Happy, Healthy Children (Yes – Ongoing! Aren’t my little girls Angeline and Alicia adorable?)

Family Photo with girls copy
85) Graduate with a Master Degree (Graduated 1st Honour in Master of Engineering in Canada)
86) Won Academic Awards (Top academic student in class in high school and university)
87) Earn Academic Scholarships (Yes, won 6 scholarships from high school to university)
88) Buy my own Condo (Bought my first little condo, a small 610 sq. ft 1-bedroom condo in downtown Seattle, Year 2007. Now owning multiple rental properties.)
89) Design and build my own House (Completed designing and building our own modern and environmentally-friendly house in Bellevue, USA in October 2010.  It has been featured in numerous magazines!)

Green Concept Home in Bellevue USA90) Get a Convertible (My gold color Toyota, Miata which I bought in Year 2000)
91) Own a Hybrid Car (Yes and we loved it! Bought our Camry hybrid car in Year 2010)
92) Raise a Dog (My beloved dog ‘Ligu’ who has spent 14 years with me before he passed away in year 2015)
93) Live in a different country for at least 6 months (Yes! Lived in Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Singapore and Taiwan for more than 6 months at some point in my life)
94) Become a Fashion Model (Modelled for Magazines and Runways while I was still studying in University)
95) Become a Television Host (Hosted Television Shows for a national Canadian TV channel for 3.5 years part-time while I was still studying in University)

Hosting Photo
96) Be on a Radio Show (Was interviewed on a Radio Talk Show in Canada)
97) Act in a Play (Yes! Acted in several plays in Canada)
98) Be in a TV commercial (Yes! Was in several television commercials in Canada and Taiwan while I was still studying in University)
99) Act in a Film (Yes! Acted in a Hong Kong film back in the old days!)
100) Become the President of a Social Club (Was the President of a Multicultural Social Club in Canada)
101) Meet Oprah Winfrey in person
102) Meet Anthony Robbins in person
103) Meet Marie Forleo in person
104) Meet Sir Richard Branson in person
105) Leave a Legacy (Yes! Working on it every single day and loving it!)

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my ‘Bucket List’!  If it has inspired you, please ‘Like’ it and ‘share’ it with your loved ones.  And don’t forget to create your own list too – I promise you life will be more exciting when you have all your dreams and goals to look forward to!

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