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Last Friday October 28, we were blessed to visit Happy Tree Social Services, a non-profit organisation in Hong Kong that serves orphanages and underprivileged children in developing countries.

Founder & Chairman Pastor Dr. Jerry Wong took time out from his busy schedule and generously shared with us the vision, goals and daily operations of Happy Tree Social Services.  The pictures and stories he shared with us brought insights of the daily struggles of the orphans and children living in the poorest areas of Cambodia, India and China.  Although we were saddened, we were extremely touched by the work and the efforts by Happy Tree and its volunteers in the area.

Happy Tree Social Services

Through our Charity Book Launch, we have raised HK$50,000 (close to US$6,500) as a small token of support to Happy Tree.  Special thank you to Dr. Bryan Wong for making the connection, Cassie Lam and Alice Pang for making the arrangements and all my friends and leaders for supporting this meaningful charity initiative – I couldn’t have done this without all of you!  So this is YOUR honour as much as it is mine!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Together, we can spread love and make a difference to this World.

Giving back with Millie Leung

Happy Tree Social Services

About Happy Tree Social Services

Happy Tree Social Services is a Hong Kong Registered Charitable Institution established in 2003.  It is formed by a group of Hong Kong professionals from management, social services and medical sectors with the aim to help underprivileged and sick children and orphans (including many children who are born with HIV+/AIDS) in developing countries including Cambodia, India and China.

Happy Tree believes that every child should have the the rights to live with dignity and has the chance to receive education.

Happy Tree Social Services

Here are the words from Pastor Dr. Jerry Wong, the Founder and Chairman of Happy Tree Social Services…

‘The eyes of a sick, innocent child tell a heartbreaking story; the sea of eyes, the sea of faces all clutch at my heartstrings, unfailingly touching you.

It was 5th July 2005, and I was standing in the House of Rainbow Bridges Orphanage for HIV+/AIDS children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Walking around, I suddenly came across the thought of little Ratana, a young girl who had entered HRB about 6 months ago. After being told that Ratana had fallen ill, I gathered all the volunteers at the house there with me and entered the ward of Ratana. I picked up her little body and she directed me to show her the world from the open window. I walked over to the window and together we looked out. In a brief second, the light in her eyes suddenly went out, her cherubic mouth opened and closed, and she gave her last breath. The constant laughter and hope suddenly flooded from the room, replaced by shock, tears, and sadness, a feeling of incalculable loss. How could it be? How could this have happened? Tomorrow, I would turn 50,”God, is this a joke?” “Is this your gift for me on my birthday.” Then God told me, “You must take care of them for me.” And I replied, “I will.”

These poor and sick children live every day with pain and hardship, while their parents watch as their childhood slip away into the rubbish heaps of Phnom Penh, where most of them work as a way to eke out a meager and completely insufficient living. They cannot afford to attend school, do not have the money to visit doctors when they are sick. I hope that you can all find it in your hearts to lend a helping hand.

For those who are willing to give are blessed, and to bless others are also a great blessing. I believe that it is more blessed to give than to take. Please give today, before it is too late.’


Happy Tree Social Services is constantly looking for volunteers and donations – they are in needs of used clothing, towels, dolls/stuff animals, non-battery-operated toys and stationery for children.  Connect with Happy Tree Social Services on Facebook and their official website today to see how you and your friends could contribute.


About Millie’s Charity Book Launch

Millie’s new book ’Mind and Money Makeover – How to Transform Your Life in 3 Years or Less and Live Your Dreams’ was launched this year (Kindle books were launched on in July and physical books were launched in end September 2016).  Between end September and end October 2016, 100% of the net proceeds from the Charity Book Launch was donated to Happy Tree Social Services.  Heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported this charity initiative – I couldn’t have done this without you!

Mind and Money Makeover

The net proceeds of all future book sale is also tied to a charity initiative.  Please CLICK HERE to learn about the book (or send Millie a private message on Facebook for ordering in a group) and CLICK HERE to learn about the charity organisations Millie is supporting.  Thank you!

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

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