Millie is proud to be one of the latest featured Authors and Speakers on MindPT!

Mindpower Technology (MindPT) is a transformational tool that has been scientifically validated to create long-lasting and positive changes in our mindset.  It has been featured on Oprah Winfrey’s 21 days to a Happier Life Series.

Other featured MindPT Authors and Speakers include Jack Canfield (Best-Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), Kristine Carlson (Best-Selling Co-Author of Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff) and Shawn Achor (Best-Selling Author of The Happiness Advantage).

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What is MindPT?

As little as 3 minutes a day watching a MindPT session results in 6-8 hours of more positive moods, attitudes and energy and teaches you to automatically think in terms of what can go right.  This leads to naturally taking the kinds of actions aligned with your goals, for accelerated success!

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A MindPT “session” is a short audio-visual presentation – think of it as a vision board on steroids, created by great achievers and thinkers.  Their wisdom is distilled into a stunningly beautiful visual app that is designed to give you:

  • Bite sized immersion into the wisdom and expertise of people who have risen to the top in their fields
  • A powerful priming effect – prime for happiness, peak performance and success
  • An effortless way to mentally rehearse the successful achievement of any goal
  • A simple way to accelerate learning and easily rise above your old self-defeating patterns
  • An opportunity to uplift, inspire and empower yourself anytime… anywhere! 
  • A 3-minute micro-practice that eliminates the excuse of I don’t have time
  • An easy way to create positive new thought habits and embody empowering beliefs, without resistance
  • A fresh way to target your own specific goals in any MindPT session using its unique customisation features

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For a special price, you can now have your own Mind and Money Makeover MindPT session by Millie at your finger tips, programming positive and long-lasting financial and entrepreneurship thoughts into your mind everyday!

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What are others saying about MindPT?

“MindPT is at the forefront of the movement to combine technology and positive psychology research to make positive individual change easier and prime the brain for success.” – Shawn Achor, Positive Psychology Researcher, TED speaker and Best-Selling Author of The Happiness Advantage

“This is absolutely brilliant! People are retaining 45% of what they learned in explicit memory, and the data is starting to point to implicit memory, unconscious learning.” – Michelle Gielan, Positive Psychology Researcher and TED speaker

“I have used this with my clients and have seen amazing results in terms of the acceleration of the growth that they experience.” – Pam Burton, Certified Master

“A remarkably fun and easy tools that will dramatically accelerate your clients’ results.” – Kristine Carlson, Best-Selling Co-Author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“One of the most powerful ways to teach people and train people on how to think differently” – Dina Procter, Author of Madly Chasing Peach

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