Partner Up with Millie

Millie LeungPartner Up with Millie and Become An Online Travel and Lifestyle Business Licensee

Imagine having one of the top business professionals, trainers, speakers in the industry as your business partner.  

Someone who has successfully built an international network marketing organization and, most importantly, a genuine, vibrant, fulfilling life doing what she loves. Someone who wants to share her knowledge with other entrepreneurs who seek the same rewarding lifestyle.

Imagine having an award-winning professionally branded, wildly successful, and expertly crafted online travel and lifestyle program, for you to use as your own business model, but with our system and support. 

The best part is… you don’t have to imagine.

Millie will be your personal business partner and can guide you to starting your own online travel and lifestyle business and living the life you want, starting now.

Millie Leung is a top income earner in her industry, and a sought-after trainer, speaker among the industry’s top business and direct selling leaders.

Being a Licensee will help catapult you into a successful online travel and lifestyle business of your own, without having to start from scratch or invest tens of thousands of dollars doing it yourself.  We will provide the training – so prior business and/or travel and lifestyle industry experience is not required.

So, you simply have to ask yourself… am I finally ready to have the life I truly want? 

Being a coach in the industry has exposed Millie to many different opportunities, products, services, compensation plans and programs, but frankly, there are great specific reasons why she chose the company she is partnering with…

  • Travel & Lifestyle – A product that has Mass Market Appeal and Everyone Already Wants 
  • A company with more than a Decade of Success Track Record (no risky start-ups)
  • A product that can Easily Be Promoted Online (lotions, potions and vitamins are ‘try before you buy’ products and are a little difficult to market online with Speed of Duplication)
  • A System that Duplicates
  • Great Leadership that builds with a combination of Online and Offline Marketing Strategies
  • A World-Class Training System and Team Support to help you succeed
  • Currently operating in 35+ countries around the World and is in Pioneering Stage in Asia
  • A product that would Enhance My Personal Brand


If these items are also important to you and you are looking for someone successful, experienced and genuine to mentor you to succeed, then read on.

Millie partners up with an exclusive group of people each year to mentor, train and develop them into thriving, vibrant business owners.

If you’re selected to partner up with Millie, you’ll not only tap into one of the most sought-after trainers, speakers and network marketing mentors in the World, you’ll learn how to create your own residual income and a life that you truly love!


Who is Millie’s Business Licensee Opportunity for?


  • People who want to follow a proven business system and start creating a life they truly want
  • People who are coachable, willing to grow and has a burning desire to succeed
  • People who are action-oriented and ambitious
  • People who want to travel the World, create peak life experiences, make money and make a difference at the same time
  • People who want to love and have passions for what they do in life 
  • People with a desire to transition from a traditional job into owning their own business during their spare time/part-time
  • People with an entrepreneurial spirit (e.g, business owners, real estate professionals, financial advisors)
  • People who want to centre a business around traveling the World, happiness, prosperity, fulfilment and helping others
  • Successful people who want to reinvent their lives and align their work with their passions and life values
  • Self-starters who want to create an additional income stream and/or a thriving business
  • Successful coaches, trainers and speakers who want to integrate residual income into what they are currently doing
  • Travel and lifestyle industry professionals who want to expand their travel and lifestyle businesses

Who is Millie’s Business Licensee Opportunity NOT for?


  • People not willing to put time, effort, and focus into creating an additional income stream, a successful business, and an abundant lifestyle
  • People who are not self-motivated or positive
  • Anyone looking for a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’
  • People who don’t want to be part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs

Millie partners up with individuals who are serious about taking charge of their future by having fun, happiness and prosperity. She works with those who have a great work ethic, are positive, willing to learn and grow, and determined to take actions.


But there is one catch – there is no shortcuts.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Authoring your life and creating a business that you love to work in every day takes focus, determination, personal growth, a high desire and belief in yourself.

Millie feels the process of growing your own thriving travel and lifestyle business is one of the most worthwhile things you can do in life – as it gives you amazing peak life experiences, creates long-lasting memories, establishes close connections AND sets you up to be financially free.

The best part is that it’s ALL possible.
All you have to do is take action.  


Millie Leung