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Your book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ is touching so many in awe-inspiring ways! Your personal life experiences is so encouraging. I’m really moved by your book and when I read your story it fills my heart with wonder at how great this life is. I will repeatedly read the 5 step system when I need something uplifting or a day ‘boost’. The 5 step system really helping me find and focus on the positives. I have begun to open up my heart and eyes in a way that I never thought possible. There’s nothing more powerful than a Coach like you. Your words hit my eyes like an easy conversation, yet the messages are so deep. Keep sharing… You’re blessing the world!

- Jesse L. (Penang, Malaysia)


It is such a blessing to work with Millie and have her as my Mentor and Friend. From the first day I met her she has showed me her strong leadership and, most importantly, how much she cares to help everyone to succeed. A successful leader is someone who creates more leaders, Millie is absolutely the one who is always there to lift you up and guide you towards success with her heart of gold. She demonstrates what is possible and gets you to believe in yourself. She is such an inspiration – under her guidance, I have gone further than I thought I could. My business is now soaring in the right direction, earning me residual income, I can vacation anytime and live life the way I want! Hats off to this exceptional lady, a true leader and an amazing friend. Thank you, Millie!

- Con Nie, Founder and CEO, Women Entrepreneursophy (Hong Kong)

Eugene Tan

A dynamic, people-centric, sincere and inspiring mentor is exactly who Millie is to me. She is the perfect embodiment of brains and beauty. She has positively impacted my business and my life, as well as the lives of hundreds and thousands of others. Through her mentorship, my business has expanded in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia and I am earning residual income monthly.

- Eugene T., Real Estate Professional Turned Global Entrepreneur (Singapore)

Apple Tee

Millie is one of the most sincere, charismatic and smart lady I have the good fortune to meet.  Working with her on my business is nothing short of amazing! I used to be an accountant and my husband was a medical doctor, we were both time broke and realised that we needed a change. Under Millie’s guidance, my husband and I are able to establish our residual incomes and we have now both retired from our jobs and become Full-Time Vacationers.  Millie, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!

- Apple T., Successful Entrepreneur (Malaysia)


Millie has been a true friend and a great supporter for me.  Her leadership and wisdom has inspired me to start my own business and to be the best I can for my kids and family.  Seeing her amazing transformation through the years, I knew that women have so much power where we put our minds to.  I thank Millie from the bottom of my heart everyday.  Because of her, I get to achieve financial freedom before the age of 40!

- Buffy C., Entrepreneur & Full-Time Mom (Taiwan)


Millie has been such a fresh breath of beautiful energy. She really has a big heart and helps all who seeks her path. For me, she is a true inspiration as she congruently combines both the value of Western progressivism and traditional eastern values such as discipline and humility. She also represents progressive female and mothers’ values. She is a shining beacon where Asian women can be mothers, wives and awesome entrepreneurs who can constantly add value to the conversation.

- Donny C., Serial Entrepreneur, Coach & Shared Economy Intrapreneur (Australia)

Karen Wong

I am so blessed to have Millie as one of my mentors. Thanks to Millie’s guidance, I have successfully built my business while being a full-time Mom to my children. Millie showed me how to inspire and help more people to achieve time and financial freedom – She is definitely someone to learn from! Today, I am earning residual income every month and both my husband and I have retired from our corporate jobs.

- Karen W., Entrepreneur & Full-Time Mom (Singapore)


Before I met Millie, my business was stagnant and not progressing the way I wanted. After attending just one seminar taught by Millie, I was totally inspired and knew exactly how to breakthrough and move forward. Millie is always positive and she truly cares to help everyone to succeed. Even just a causal conversation with her, I can learn so much. Today, my business is expanding internationally and I am earning residual income while traveling the World.

- Leman K., Entrepreneur & Full-Time Vacationer (Hong Kong)

Elsie Tan

I have known Millie for many years, she has always been an inspiration to me, an amazing lady. Took up her book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ and read it at the beach. It was the right timing with a random song ‘When you believe’ played while I read the Why and How. It stirs me deep down within.  Discovering and Awakening the hidden inner dreams and desires.  This book gives a clear direction and indicates how we could achieve success.  I am so pumped up and determined to succeed with a timeline and I know I will conquer anything. Millie, thank you for all the golden nuggets, this book is a Powerful Dynamic instrument. Hugs, love you!

- Elsie T. (Entrepreneur, Singapore)

Joshua Sim

Thank you Millie Leung for inspiring us with her amazing book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’. There are so many words of wisdom and practical advice for just anyone who wish to better themselves to reach their goals – be it in their personal lives or to be at a better place financially. This book is concise, succinct and a gem in a society where we are overloaded with superfluous info. A book that’s absolutely worth our time. I can’t wait to recommend this to more friends.

- Joshua S., Award-Winning Music Educator (Singapore)


Wow, I don’t normally like to read, but I finished your book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ in just 2 hours! It was hard to put down. Very inspiring. Almost like a Bay-Cup for all the wonderful quotes and life experiences in life. Thank you so much for writing this awesome book!

- Yann Wong (Canada)


Millie is a sincere and approachable mentor and leader. She is passionate in helping others to achieve what she has accomplished. She not only helped me to achieve residual income, but also inspired me to pursuit personal growth. Her inspirational story is a rock solid proof that given a humble and ever learning attitude and a right system, ordinary people could also become extraordinary. More importantly, given her success today, she is still helping, educating and impacting more and more people to achieve more in life. Great thanks to my dearest mentor Millie!

- Tom L., Educator & 1st Time Entrepreneur (Hong Kong)

Benjamin Foo

Finished reading Millie’s new book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ in 2 seatings – that speaks volumes. What I liked best about it – it’s authentic!!! Wise and practical principles learnt from the school of tough experience that will take those who are hungry to a new level. Congratulations, Millie! You are awesome!

- Benjamin F., Author, Entrepreneur, Investor (Singapore)


I am glad that I met Millie. She is nice, humble, positive, caring, wise and she is an amazing leader. She is the one who inspired me to think of passive incomes and to achieve success through supporting others to succeed. Working with her has been a great pleasure – Stay humble. Stay hungry. Through Millie’s guidance, I am now achieving residual income monthly and have much more fun in my life too! Thank you, Millie

- Alice P., Entrepreneur & CEO of Lab CC Limited (Hong Kong)

Mike Soh

Millie is a dynamic, passionate, sincere and charismatic mentor and leader who always leads by example. It is such an honour to partner with her as she truly cares about people’s transformation and success. If you are looking for someone to help you start your business and to achieve financial freedom, Millie will be a great mentor for you to learn from and to model after.

- Mike S., Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker & World Explorer (Singapore)

Hendra Tamblin

Hi Millie, I just finished reading your book “Mind and Money Makeover”. I truly enjoyed it! It is so amazingly simple but powerful ‘cos it lays out the blueprint for others to follow. I need to get a hold of more copies of your book! This book will help a lot of people. You are a very intelligent woman, it is really a joy to read your book and learn from your experiences. A true eye opener!!

- Hendra T. (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Mind and Money Makeover

I finished reading Millie’s book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ in 3 to 4 hours just to make sure that I don’t miss out on anything that could create a turning point for me.  I have written lots of WHYs I have never wrote before. It is amazing that on page 59 at that point where we could have cried, I actually cried. I have never read a book giving me a feeling that it is alive! Thank you so much for your amazing book!

- Germaine C. (Singapore)

Eric Allen

Millie is one of the truly great servant leaders. She cares about the success and transformation of others. Her vision and drive has helped tens of thousands of people to create more fun, freedom and fulfilment in their lives.

- Eric A., Global Entrepreneur and International Speaker (USA)

Gerry Robert

Millie’s book ’Mind and Money Makeover’ is a gold mine packed with value and practical steps. Millie combines her journey and experience in one concise book to help people succeed. I’m recommending this book to everyone who truly wants to become financially free and live a fulfilling life.

- Gerry Robert, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author (Canada)

Fiona Sim

Millie possesses all the leadership qualities – commitment, integrity, charisma, patience, knowledge and willingness to help.  Through her mentorship, I started my first business – and within just a few months, my mindset is transformed and I am now on track to achieve financial freedom.  I strongly recommend Millie as your mentor in business and in life.

- Fiona S., Property Valuer and 1st Time Business Owner (Singapore)

Dr Wu

Millie has the unique ability to inspire, lead and guide people to take actions, and this enables her and her team to produce amazing results that are envy of many.  If you are looking for someone to learn from, working with Millie could be the best decision you’d ever made!

- Dr. Wu, 7 Figure Global Entrepreneur and International Speaker (Singapore)

Helen Chan

Millie’s book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ really inspired me! I finished reading it within a few days and I enjoyed it very much. Millie is multi-talented. She is doing so well with her business, leadership, personal growth and her family. I have learned a lot from her and her book. It would be nice if the book can be translated into Chinese, that would help even more people! I highly recommend this book!

- Helen C. (Hong Kong)

Andy Ann

Over the past few years, I’ve watched Millie live out the message of her book ’Mind and Money Makeover’. Years ago, Millie invited me to a conference and that experience opened up limitless knowledge that I have never had in my 14 years of being an entrepreneur.  Today, Millie once again invited me to join her journey on ’Mind and Money Makeover’, providing us with a solid 5-step system that will transform our lives.  Grab this book now, and she is going to show you how to make these moments happen.

- Andy Ann, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of NDN Group (Hong Kong)

Malia and Sarman

With a BIG WHY and a burning desire, Millie is a successful global entrepreneur with the BIGGEST heart to give back.

- Akmalia and Mohamad Sarman, Entrepreneurs and Founders of NWAC (Singapore)

Jean-Guy Francoeur

Millie’s passion to help others has motivated her to write the book ’Mind and Money Makeover’. This is an invaluable resource that inspires and provides real-life practical steps for anyone who wants to achieve amazing financial success and live a dream life.

- Jean-Guy Francoeur, International Best-Selling Author (Canada)

Jonathan Ho

Millie is committed to helping as many people as she can.  She has provided coaching and trainings to me and has helped me to achieve Residual Passive Income through my business.  I am glad to have Millie as my Mentor.

- Jonathan H., 24-Year-Old 1st Time Entrepreneur (Singapore)

Rainer Zimmerman

When I met Millie, she immediately impressed me with her sharp sense for business and focused action. Seeing how she has built her business within the shortest time in a completely new country with no network, is a proof of her ability and determination.  She is a valuable resource when it comes to leadership and team building.  I wholehearted recommend Millie as your business mentor.

- Rainer Z., Owner at SSBD Pte Ltd (Germany)

Sharon Woo

Millie is a dynamic lady who walks her talk. Everything she shares is tried, tested and it works! Millie has spoken to multitudes around the World and moving the audience with authenticity and sincerity, helping them break free from conventional thinking about Money and Financial Security. All her practical tools and tips are now distilled into this treasure trove entitled ’Mind and Money Makeover’. Read this NOW!

- Sharon Woo, Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author (Singapore)

Stephen Chan

There are pivotal points in life that change your destiny. Reading the book ’Mind and Money Makeover’ by Millie may be one of them.

- Stephen C., Entrepreneur and Self-Made Millionaire (Canada)

James Lee

Millie is sincere, warm and approachable.  Seeing how she has started her business with no prior experience and network, and turned it into a successful international business is very impressive.  Working closely with Millie will put you in a powerful team, as she is a superb leader, mentor and team player.

- James L., 7 Figure Global Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author (Singapore)

Freddy Lim

A book that tells you that all you need to do is to change the way you think and precieve. A truly inspirational book written by a truly inspirational person.  Thank you Millie for writing such a mind-opening book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’.

- Freddy L. (KL, Malaysia, Legal Practitioner)


Millie has helped me to kick start my business and helped me to start earning Residual Passive Income since the 2nd month of my business.  Her professionalism and leadership has helped me raise my self-confidence and my confidence in business.

- Ella C., BNI Singapore Project Director (Singapore)

Max Tay

With no prior entrepreneurial experience and network, Millie managed to overcome ALL odds to achieve great success in her business and in life.  Her dedication to helping people to achieve success in life is admirable.

- Max T., Global Entrepreneur and Founder of Paycation Pte Ltd (Singapore)


Millie is a wonderful woman who has inspired thousands of people around the World, myself included.  Reading Millie’s amazing book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ has made me realised that everyone has his/her own struggles in life, and no matter what the challenges are, we have to just keep moving forward.  It is upmost important to believe in what we want, what our dreams are and do whatever it takes to get there.  Thank you, Millie for sharing your inspiring journey!

- Shazila G., Entrepreneur and Speaker (Malaysia)

Ken Saw

Millie is truly inspirational! So much so that every time I face difficulties in my journey I will use her journey as my motivation. Her book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ is literally a bible or golden nuggets of many of the success books put together as 1.  Every page is gold! Every page there is a takeaway for me.  Easy to read and simple to follow.  A must read for everyone embarking on their success journey!

- Ken Saw, Professional Photographer (Singapore)

Jane Lee

I just finished reading your book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’ – What a book! Gave me all the answers that I needed. I read lots of self-motivational books, but this book hit a home with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Jane Lee, United States Army (USA)

Victor Zeng

Hi Millie, I just finished reading your book ‘Mind and Money Makeover’. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story and helpful pointers, it gives people like me hope that as long as we work hard and never give up on our dreams, it will come true one fine day. Thanks for setting the pace and being who you are as a person to me. I pray that God blesses you abundantly and may you continue to pay it forward and inspire more people around the World! Planning to re-read your book again someday because once is not enough!

- Victor Zeng, Photographer (Singapore)