Millie Leung Speaking

Millie speaking at an Entrepreneurial Conference at the AT&T Stadium (Texas, USA) in front of 24,000+ audience in April 2017.

As one of the most sought-after female speakers in the entrepreneurial world, Millie Leung regularly speaks to audiences numbering in the thousands and has spoken in 7 countries around the world (including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, South Africa and USA).  Her authenticity, honesty and down-to-earth style, along with her inspiring story makes her one of the most beloved and inspirational speakers, specially among female audiences.

Millie has the unique ability of connecting with her audience, giving them specific skills they need to create tangible results in their lives, while inspiring them to breakthrough and create a life they truly love.

To request Millie to speak at your upcoming event.  Email your name, company name, email address, event dates and city, topic and expected number of attendees to Millie at info@MillieLeung.com.  Millie and her team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Millie Leung speaking on stage in front of 23000 people at AT&T Stadium, Texas, USA